Additional Information for Credit/Debit Card Purchases

Sometimes, people will attempt to obtain services using stolen or unauthorised card details. By the time the faud is detected by the legitmate cardholder, the culprits will have spent whatever credit/service they purchased. Certain transaction types carry more risk than others and sometimes our payment handlers will request additional information from you before a credit purchase can be applied to your account. If this does become necessary, we will email you requesting details. We understand that any delay can be inconvenient, but please understand the necessity. We do apologise for any delay this causes; please be assured that we will handle the validation as quickly as possible. Do always ensure that any emails from are not blocked by anti-spam measures. Most card purchases do not require these extra checks and credit is normally applied to accounts immediately. If it is impossible or you are unwilling to provide the additional information requested by our payment handlers, you can request that the purchase be refunded to you. For obvious security reasons, we cannot advise you in advance what additional information might be requested or which transaction types attract additional scrutiny. All information provided is treated in the strictest confidence. We appreciate your co-operation.


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