How to get a phone number to receive calls from the PSTN?

If you want an 0845/056 telephone number for regular PSTN users to be able to call you, you can order 056 here or 0845 here. 056 in an 'area code' for VoIP (and other non location specific services). If you want a UK geographic area code (one starting 01.. or 02 etc.), you can choose any area code once you have purchased L10 of calling credit (request the number online during the order process). You cannot choose the number which will be allocated to you (only the area code). Once a number has been allocated, you can find out what it is from the DrayTEL control panel. Only 1 free geographic number is allowed per DrayTEL account after purchasing £10 call credit. You can have up to three PSTN numbers allocated (e.g. an 0870 and a geographic one), plus a fax-to-email number. Any allocated PSTN phone numbers which doesn't receive a call at least once every 90 days may be de-allocated (just a single incoming call to it to mark it as 'alive' is adequate as long as your DrayTEL account is still open). In reality, we rarely de-allocate numbers.


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