How do I use Call Forwarding?

The DrayTEL Call Forwarding facility is available once you have purchased at least £10 of calling credit. You enable the answerphone (voicemail) facility from the DrayTEL control panel. Call forwarding allows you to forward incoming calls onto another destination (any regular phone number, worldwide) if the event of you not answering, being engaged or offline (see screenshot above). You will be charged for the diverted call at the standard DrayTEL peak rate. You can set a schedule so that the call forwarding (diversion) is only active during a certain time of day. You cannot forward onto another SIP/VoIP address, only to a PSTN phone number (which in turn could be a VoIP/SIP account). Enter the number with the international prefix and full STD code, e.g. 44 20 8999 1234 for a London number (spaces are ignored).


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