Which other VoIP hardware works with DrayTEL?

Any SIP compliant VoIP hardware (router, IP phone, ATA) should work with DrayTEL. Please note that we cannot provide specific technical support for hardware setup - please contact the manufacturer or supplier directly. We do have some setup screenshots for some of the more common models:

Grandstream 101 IP Phone


PA168 IP Phone


Speedtouch 780  


Speedtouch 716               


Fritz Fon                   


Grandstream GXP 1200



Siemens S450IP                         


Linksys SPA 9000


Snom 300


Linksys SPA 9xx

For products not listed, configuration normally follows similar methods although config screens and terminology will vary between manufacturers. Here is some general advice:

  • In your VoIP phone, adaptor or router's configuration menu there should be an option to define a SIP Server, SIP Registrar or SIP Domain value. Set the value
  • For SIP Authentication, set your SIP User ID (or similar name) to your DrayTEL ID (eg 899999) and set the SIP Password to your DrayTEL SIP Password provided in your activation email (that is not your Voicemail password).
  • If your device is behind a NAT firewall (router) then you may need to use the VoIP device's Outbound Proxy setting, set this to: Alternatively, if this setting allows you to define the port number (5065) in a separate field, set the IP Address to: and the port number to: 5065.
  • Confirm/Save the settings (sometimes this requires rebooting your device). Once back online, dial 902 to confirm your configuration.
  • If you encounter any problems, make sure that your Router or ISP is not blocking any traffic, specifically on ports 5060 and 5065 or UDP traffic.
  • If you require assistance from DrayTEL, please include screenshots of your device's setup pages to assist us.


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