Which VoIP 'softphones' work with DrayTEL?

If you do not have a hardware VoIP adaptor, you can use your PC, with a suitable headset or speakers with a microphone to make VoIP calls. Several VoIP softphones are available; any SIP compliant softphone should work with DrayTEL. This is a list of some of them that we have tested. We are unable to offer specific support assistance on 3rd party software itself.


DrayTek SIP Softphone 

The DrayTek SIP Softphone is a SIP Phone in software which runs on any Windows PC, and it can be downloaded here. It provides full VoIP connectivity directly to the DrayTEL Sip service or can act as an extension to a DrayTek PBX.

SIP Proxy address:
Outbound Proxy:
Registration duration: 3600
Display name: DrayTEL SIP ID
Extension number: DrayTEL SIP ID
Authentication ID: DrayTEL SIP ID
Password: SIP Password

When the account is registered successfully, the circle icon at the top of the softphone will show as green and you will be able to make and receive calls.


X-Lite Softphone


The newer version of XLite is set up like this:



This is for SJPhone setup when using it on a PC with a private IP address (e.g. behind a NAT router). Once setup, enter a phone number or DrayTEL address into the first screen and press the 'Dial' button.


Express Talk



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