How/When does a DrayTEL account expire?

As DrayTEL does not have a monthly subscription, users who no-longer need the service do not need to actively cancel anything or let us know. In order to purge unwanted accounts and free up resources (particularly allocated phone numbers which are a finite resource) we may periodically purge (close) unused accounts. This means that DrayTEL accounts which are not used for a period of 3 months may be closed. Note, we say "may" - we do not do this regularly or as a matter of course. To be considered 'used' you just need to be logged into the DrayTEL server and make or receive at least one call at least once every 90 days - the account will then not be deactivated. If an account is deactivated/closed, any allocated phone numbers will be deallocated to you and any remaining call credit is lost (non-refundable). Allocated phone numbers (for voice calls or fax-to-email) may be de-allocated if they do not receive any calls for 90 days, even if the account is logged in so just make one incoming call (or send a fax if it's a fax-to-email number) to your allocated phone numbers at least once every 90 days to keep them active. Please be sure you remember the expiry system, then it's easy to keep your account live. If you let your account expire, it cannot be re-activated. If you are planning an extended period of absense, please get in touch with us to see if we can hold the account open (you must do this in advance).


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