How do I listen to Voicemail messages by phone?

Select Outband Info DTMF for Voicemail

Instead of listening to messages on your PC via email, you can collect your messages from your VoIP telephone - the phone logged into your DrayTEL account, or from a regular phone line or mobile phone. To do this, dial 9200 from your VoIP handset/device (plus # or 'send' normally, depending on your hardware) or dial 0845 004 9207 from a regular line.

Please note that calls to this number are charged at 5p per minute plus your providers standard access charge.

You will be asked for your Voicemail password (and also your DrayTEL account number if you use the 0845 service). By default your voicemail password is the same as your SIP password, but you can change it and it is displayed on your DrayTEL control panel. Dial the 5 digit passwork without any other keys (e.g. # or send). If the numbers appear not to be recognised, check that your VoIP device is sending DTMF tones as 'Outband (RFC8233)' method. On the Vigor routers, for example, this is selected from the VoIP setup menu.

Once you have entered the correct Voicemail password, you will be at the voicemail main menu. If you have never collected messages via this method before, you will have all previous messages waiting for you - which could be a lot, and you will probably want to delete them.The Voicemail menu is built in a tree style, with menus and sub-menus. The currently supported functions are below:

Voicemail Menu

  • 1 - New Messages Playback. Whilst listening you can select:
    • 3 - Advanced Options
      • 1 - Reply to user (if it's another DrayTEL user)
      • 3 - Read 'Envelope' (time, date, caller ID)
      • * - Return to previous menu
    • 5 - Repeat the current message
    • 6 - Move to next message
    • 7 - Delete the current message
    • 8 - Forward the current message (to another DrayTEL user)
    • 9 - Save the current message
    • # - Exit back to the previous menu
  • 2 - Folder Selection - Switch between New or Old (listened to) messages:
    • 0 - Old Messages
    • 1 - New Messages
  • 0 -Voicemail Options:
    • 1 - Record your own message for when Unavailable (when you don't answer)
    • 2 - Record your own message for when Busy (you're engaged)
    • 5 - Change your Voicemail password
  • * - Repeat the Options menu
  • # - Exit the Voicemail System (or just hang up!)



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