How do I use Group Calling?

Group Calling on DrayTEL is available on your account free of charge once you have purchased at least £10 of calling credit. Group Calling allows incoming calls to your PSTN telephone number (note : not direct SIP/VoIP address calls) to be routed simultaneously to up to two other DrayTEL accounts, thus making more people available to answer your incoming calls.

Group Calling does cannot integrate (work) with all other service features so you should plan carefully. Group Calling is setup and controlled from the DrayTEL control panel. Click on the link shown adjacent to your PSTN phone numbers. In the next screen, select the number which you wish to add other users to and click 'display'. Three 'extensions' will be shown; the primary one and two extensions which you can select. Enter DrayTEL account numbers into those boxes as required. Be sure that the users of those DrayTEL accounts know that you're adding them to the group and that you enter the numbers correctly.


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