Useful DrayTEL Service Numbers

The following numbers can be dialled from your DrayTEL phone (normally suffixed with #):

  • 9123 Speaking Clock
  • 9200 Check your Answerphone (Voicemail)
  • 901 To check your DrayTEL credit balance
  • 902 Check that you are logged into the DrayTEL server
  • 903 Check your User ID
  • 904 Echo Test (for latency checking)
  • 905 Audio Test. After the beep record your voice and receive it back to ensure two-way audio communication works properly.
  • 906 Balance announce toggle. If you enable this feature, when you place calls to the PSTN, you will be told your credit remaining before the call is put through. Dial 906 again to turn the feature off for all calls.
  • 907 Low credit announcement toggle. Enabling this feature will provide an announcement of low credit (<15 minutes remaining) before the call is connected, based on the cost of the current dialled destination. Dial this code it to enable or disable the feature for all calls.

You do need to be logged into the DrayTEL server to access the above service codes. The DrayTEL server normally expects your DTMF signalling (that's the method used for sending dialled digits) to be sent as 'SIP Info' messages so if your keypresses appear not to be recognised for these codes, check the DTMF setting on your VoIP/SIP hardware.


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