Why is my London number '0203'?

Some years ago, Oftel changed the London area codes from 0181/0171 to 020. For 'convenience' of conversion, inner and outer London were left separated at first, however as the ranges became filled, the distinctions reduced. The London area code is '020' and not 0207 or 0208. This can be demonstrated in that users within London can dial the 8-digit local number, including the 7 or 8, but cannot dial the 7 digit part on its own. Since the filling of the 7 and 8 local ranges, OfCom then released a new local range, starting with '3' for all of London. New numbers are therefore being issued in this range. A number starting 020 3... is a London number; it is not a 'second class' number and does not imply any inferiority.


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